So what?! (72x50 cm)


Once upon a time in a tiny-tiny bar, where the magic happens, there was an exhibition, let's translate the title as Bitch Hills, which came from since then gone good-good friend, who really had an uncomfortable feeling while she lived on the super fancy, hilly and rich side of Hungary, called Buda. Without a driving licence. She was living in the most beautiful district of the whole country, and was feeling miserable, every single morning walking 15 minutes to the closest bus stop, like a poor relative. And this was so exatly what I was feeling as a newby in Buda, but I still was incredibly enthusiastic about seeing hills and woods and squirrels and hedgehogs and big tits and blue tits every single day, that the whole exhibition was about this contraversion. Self doubt and pride. Beauty and misery.

This is a huge drawing, made in 2016 with acrylic marker, on aquarelle paper, signed when sold.

And, well, as a spiritual being, I know this drawing will suggest to choose wisely the words shared with the owner :D

Contact me, if your bank account says you should not spend so much for a single fuck you! :D