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Whale Fish
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Mr. Scruff's Fish should run in the background from the Keep it unreal album by the way.

Unfortunately I love the learning part of my journey, so I always have to try new technics, new colours, new paints, new methods.
These Japanese gansai paints blow my mind. I try to work with the less lines possible.

My plan was a kind of floating island with a forest, but the sword brushes are not designed for this use, and I need years of experience with them, so the result was a whale. Perfect whale, but honestly, not an intended whale. So I gave in, accepted the whale, and started to like it, and even love it.

People of social media platforms also liked this whale a lot, so it became one of the first paintings I took to frame.

So, this gansai aquarelle painting on very thick Fabriano aquarelle paper is framed, got an antireflex glass, but never was taken to a studio or an instafriendly home to shoot a perfect picture with the frame:)

Anyway, contact me is you want to know more about the frame, oops, the framed size is: 27,7 x 31,7 cm.

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