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The harmony of the turning point - 2022

Not everyone likes change. Even those who are excited by the novelty of something new often find life challenging.
The central line of the painting, the darkest blue, took a lot of preparation. I had to choose the perfect medium, get the movement down, and then take a big breath. I wanted a smooth, long and deep breath drawn line with a complete change of direction. A complete turn.
In my paintings, I often oppose the painted surfaces with 23.75 carat gold. In this image, I did not use the more rigorously textured gold band I am used to, to make the image look neat. Here, I wanted to capture the way that disorder stands on its own to create beauty, and to highlight the beauty of the possibility of disorder. Because our days do not feel predictable, and I am working to find my own joy in our unpredictable days, so that even in the constant whirlwind of change I can always find my way back to my own centre. If need be, with a good big breath. If need be, with a full turn.

60x80 cm
acrylic and 23,75 carat gold on canvas
signed on the back

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