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The girl who brings different earrings for every day of the festival - acrylic on paper, 56x77cm
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It is so good to get used to people, to know people who make you happy when you see them :)
This picture is painted with paper towels. Working with paper towels has an unpredictable effect. I can not really see or know for sure where and how much paint will get on the paper. So it is always quite risky to draw a new line, a new dot, and the whole process is like gambling. So it is super luck when the final result resembles the person who was the inspiration of the painting, especially when there should be smaller shapes, like the face in this case. Using this quite random technique brings in the freedom of letting the picture create itself, and after some portraits I know from the beginning that I do not know how the picture will end so the whole process is playful and exciting. :)
And this process is very similar to the girl with different earrings for every single day's of the festival :)

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