Tangram: Specific ocean

590.00 - 1,000.00 / Sold Out

After Synthwave vibes the people of Tumblr made us meet with the composer and artist behind Tangram, and he asked what would I paint to his music. I started to listen his discography, and wow! It was something I was missing from my life, so I am really glad to be still on his background music. It caresses the creases, and brings hopes and dreams. Instant love.
But was a bit hard to start to paint, I became too relaxed after a while, and stressed at the same time, staring at the big white high quality craft paper.
I had to let go all the classic ideas which came to my mind and everyone has painted such pictures for similar musics, but I wanted to keep the colours and I knew I want to bring in the moves of the floating rhytms. And then came the Specific ocean. A hymn for the damned loopers. Absolutely perfect endless song what can be listened forever. I truly adore the structure as it ends where it begins and aww. Magical!
Here is the link to the song:

42,5 cm x 60 cm
Acrylic on handmade 300 g/m2 full cotton paper.

Original and unique piece of art, signed when sold.

Pricing: It is not my task to judge your situation, choose the price that fits your budget! :) So there is only one piece, on different prices :)