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Sunny - enamel paint with 23 carat gold on plywood panel, 50x50 cm

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I was on DAAD festival as a volunteer. I had such tasks as to empty the ashtrays at the HQ and to paint signs like HANDWASH or VEGAN. And I was planning to paint there some bigger things. But I had to wait for the paper to arrive. And I got some plywood panels from the manager of the exhibition at the Mirador stage.
And I wanted to paint some bottles to yellow and turn them into nice ashtrays, but I poured too much paint to the palette, and would feel awful throwing out the happy colour. So this little happiness happened to born.
I think this is the most joyful painting I made in a while.
I call it Sunny, and it makes me smile right there when I see it.
And Sunny as a person in my mind is Ana from the volunteers. She ha a wonderful smile. And whenever she made an eyecontact with anyone, her smile shined. And I was watching her at the last evening, and anyone who arrived next to her put up the most shining smile to get her eyecontact and all the people made their inner preparations for this eyecontact. And when many people arrived, the closer they got the more of them were smiling with their most beautiful smile. And this is what I call magic.