Shield - 80x80 cm acrylic paint on canvas

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Where to start. Hard to write.
There was the pressure of a picture in my mind, of fading layers on a canvas to illustrate the process of grief and past and present and a balance coming out of the battle of the layers what is comforting.
It seemed to be feasible. I had two strong colours like white and this Prussian blue, I had a big canvas, thanks to the Three of Sticks which had a huge impact on my inventory. Thanks a lot! :)
And I started. And this was the day, when Daft Punk split. So I was painting during this Daft Punk playlist.
And the layers were drying.
And the details.
80 cm is longer than my arm. And I am still using stretched canvas, as I have an irrational stress from using canvas and then stretch it, like a real painter.
Such a big canvas has a wooden cross tensioner on the backside.
And when I touch the canvas with the knife, it lays on the wooden cross, and leaves a mark on the front side, the paints show the scene behind. And that is so unprofessional, that I would like to avoid.
So to distance the canvas from the cross, I put my arm behind the canvas and stretch it apart from the cross. It is like wearing a shield, with a full arm. It is like going to a battle and defending my self with a painting from the war. It was like a burlesque scene to be true.
It was amazing when the first time I stopped if this picture is ready.
And then I wanted to put some bad memories to show that they do not vanish but they have their own and important part in the final harmony.
And there I lost the control. Needed more and more blue. And from that moment the picture started to be a memory of the holiday nights at Lake Balaton, and there are the hills from the Southern bank, and the hills between me and the Northern bank. And the moonlight reflecting in the water. And it filled me with a huge amount of joy, and I love the final thing. I do enjoy to see this painting every single moment.
The details are amazing, the total is soothing with questions and a promising playground for a restless mind. It works.
And where was the control lost? At Giorgio. I love that Moroder song from Daft Punk with the great speech. Not of the dreams and discotheque. The middle and essential monologue.
"Once you free your mind about a concept of
Harmony and of music being "correct"
You can do whatever you want
So, nobody told me what to do
And there was no preconception of what to do"
And this happened with this painting, and then, a few days later, I found my arm on this picture, The shield holding arm. And I have this strong memory of freeing the mind about the concept of being correct, or like what it was planned to be, and it happens a lot, when I have an intention to paint and that thing happens and something comes what is more then it was intended to be.

I hope I will make a colour correct photo of this painting with an enjoyable resolution, but till that I have these pics taken with the potatoe :)

PS: I am opening an own gallery in Budapest, to support other artists who deserve more than what they get. I will have open-studio days for my stuff, but I want to exhibit talents who should get more attention, and I will support art-school students with selling their studies, and we will have a place to settle and just draw, still for free and I will still share all my quality artsy stuff :) So I put a supporter price. What would make me confident for a year with this incredible and crazy like hell project of opening a contemporary art gallery :)