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Running low on resources - oil, gold on 640 gsm full cotton paper, cc 50x70 cm

We all think we have more then we do have. We have more time, more health, more patience, more love, more kindness, more gold, more paper, more paint.
And then bamm! We meet the limits.
I always harmonise the stressful paintings with a golden stamp. To focus on the peace. And the time finally arrived when I felt it a lie. I have burnt up bridges this summer, I have lost people, who were important. But I have no more time for the life I used to live. I have to be more and more strict. I had to change my focus. And it was hard, harsh and painful. But I feel deep inside, that I have less stress in my body. And This painting is about facing the anger, facing my own limits in patience and carefulness. I have written more about the background at my buymeacoffee site. If you would know more about the process, let me know :)

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