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Red and yellow study - oil on paper

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I've started to work with oil, and it's quite a new territory, yet.
I have had the experience from the first session where I could ride my anger and soften it and use it as my strength. It is always a process. Only the sacred saints can use their sorrow to serve their goals and to create a something better right there, right then. We have to give the time needed for the feelings. Even when they are not comfortable.
So I brought the calming waves and the tension of the colours from the first oil session, but I wanted to try it on paper.
The edges are not that sharp as I wanted them, I kept the light at the end of the tunnel from the first ever oil painting, and I love the strength and the dynamics. And the softness and the harsh colours together.
I guess I will continue this set.

Secret :D I work with colours when I need to make a bigger step. And I work with black or with black and white when I have to find my peace. When I feel better, I dare to leave the black. But black is my absolute comfort zone :D

So. I hope you will enjoy this beauty every day. I hope she will find a good place and will bring some joy to someone.

I give it a super-super nice study price, hurry up tilll I don't change my mind :)

41x51 cm canvas textured paper for acrylic a