Prussian blue landscape with gold moonlight

100.00 - 300.00
— Sold out

18x24 cm, acrylic on Fabriano aquarelle paper

Just listen to your friends. That would be the consequence. While I was painting this, my really good friend was murmuring in the background and drawing as an exercise our puppy that the rhythm of the the light and dark spots , the rhythm of the lights and darks. When I finished the acrylic, it was a fair study. And what to do with a study? Play and experiment! So I was curious how would real gold gold leafing work on it, with my new masking tape? I love this masking tape as it is written on it that PERFECT SENSITIVE, so I am always smiling when it comes to my hand :D
And then BANG! The magic has happened, and the final painting turned to something more beautiful then what I could ever imagine I could ever paint.

And the story of the end:
One of my beloved buyers wrote on Tumblr, that s/he would love to buy this painting but s/he has only peanuts at the moment and wishes a good and cute future owner. And here popped in the other magic :D A hero came to the picture and offered to pay the difference between the price and the peanuts :)

Aww, I love you all dears :)))