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Pipi means birdie in Hungarian. Imagine your days without getting home and say hello to Pipi! Sad and boring? Yes :D Have a Pipi to have more fun :D
Sorry, I was kidding. But seriously I think that having such a childish word in your living space helps to distance from the actually not so enjoyed stuff of the everydays.

Pipi is painted with only one line, as I used to draw a lot of oneliners. It has it's magic, to reach the wished forms without lifting the pen, or in this case the brush. Just try to draw a flower! Or some flowers with only one line :)
The brush is designed originally for calligraphic purposes, and I am really surprised, that it can hold enough paint for a more than 1,5 meter long line. The brush can be seen on the second picture on the study, both the big painting and the study is available :)

PIPI is big.
PIPI is 50x60 cm, canvas on board, made with acrylic paints.
PIPI study is on 18x24 cm, 200 g/m2, 25% cotton Fabriano aquarelle paper.

Original painting and study, signed when sold.

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