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Order in the chaos - red and yellow colour study
30.00 - 100.00

I truly advise to sit down with a pencil, or some paints at least once a month, to just let your self be while you challenge your persona with drawing.
I choose these colours because I have failed a test about my amazing daughter and I did not know which are her favourite colours. The red and the yellow, and the orange.
The universe of the acrylic paints is a bit yet off the map to me, so it is really exciting to find the new and new possibilities.
I am definitely in love with the transparent layers and the textures pf the hard brushes.
While these round lines after a while a kind of tunnel or path appeared in the centre, and there came the contentedness. There is always a way. Whatever happens.
The beauty of the shine thousand lines can not be shown on a photo, but later I will attach more pictures.

acrylic on paper, 18 cm x 24 cm, 200 g/m2 fabriano watercolour paper

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