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Monochrome Dealing with Anger - acrylic and 23 carat gold on canvas, 80x80 cm

400.00 - 3,000.00
— Sold out

I think of myself as a patient person, and during this painting I have lost my mind and after working on it for hours, I just swept it through. I was fed up with my lines, the paint did not work as I wanted it to be, and it was so good to swipe out all the concentration and all the plans. And then it started to live. It turned to be a thing from a picture that wants to be something else. When I gave up, was staring the ruins of the many hour work, disappointed in my qualities, intimidated by my anger, and with nothing to loose, I made the white stripes. And it was soooooo satisfying. And it brought back the order to the chaos, I have found my center again and this painting made me whole again. It was like a battle.
It was annoying to reach my limits, but when my brain broke, things formed a new end and it became a good solution.

After thinking a lot about the community supported modell of financing arts, I decided to keep this painting’s price under the global market value to let it be available to anyone. You know your material situation, please choose the most fitting price tag from below!