Minimal Distance Eleven Lines - fineliner on canvas panel, 20x20 cm


I have made a promise to show what I think about minimalism, when I draw a fun illustration of szukits-magda on tumblr who promised us to write once about the change minimalism brought to her life.

And I organise a lot of drawing meet-ups, where I bring all the stuff I use or not really use and I let anyone play with the colours and the lines for free, and one of my regular guests is my friend Balázs Soma, who is now a musician and an incredible visual artist, I call him - when he is not around the master of lines.
And Soma is a person who can create worlds and stories just with some lines, and after finishing this sequence of linescapes, I had my moment, that wow, they look like Soma drawings, and I am very proud to reach this kind of calmness in these pictures.

And at Daad gathering we met with Dorka Jakócs, a tattoo artist who was also painting signs with me at the backyard of the School and it was quite an inspiring collaboration, it was really cool to share our experiences and to talk about the surfaces we were painting on. And since then we chat sometimes and share our ideas and dreams of drawing or painting, and I am happy to find new people to talk about stuff that is interesting to me but boring to many others. :)

So we had a chat about oneliners, a style of drawing or tattoos, and they can be amazing, and it is fun to hold down the pen and create a thing, but it is a kind of a techie show off, and we both agree that we would die of boredom if we would have to draw oneliners every single day.

And when we had this conversation, that night my husband started a dark techno playlist, with Deborah De Luca, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte and between drawing two lines we were standing and dancing in the middle of the living room :D

And to be true, it is really-really hard to stop with a such a minimalistic "painting", but ever since I see any picture of this sequence, I have my aesthetic orgasm, so I don't change them, they are ready as they are.

Signed on the back when sold, varnished.

And the pricing. I really love mathematics, and especially game theory. With this sequence I will check a new game :) All the pieces will be shown here for the same price, and let's see the order how they will be chosen :)