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Me and the world - Grounded - 40x30 cm, mixed technique on canva

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Somewhere, the series "Me and the world" always reiterates the sense of being thrown into the world of the moment. For me, painting is a process. I started from the snapshots where I simply peeped at the absurdity of the moment. Nowadays I draw little, or at least rarely. In fact, one of the most important moments behind these snapshots for me was the refusal to create. I refused to create. I was concerned only and exclusively with the mimesis and correspondence of situations that had happened and had been lived in reality. I could identify myself with the absurdity of the moment, with the role of the observer, the chronicler hunting for moments, taking notes in the background in the present, rejecting the responsibility of creating new works, which was, for me at the time, infinitely daunting.

The Me and the World series is a long dialogue I had with Lőrinc Szabó.

In the pieces of the series I try to simplify to the most elementary sense the experiences of life in periods that often do not promise transparency.

This work of mine evokes a sense of sameness, it also marks for me the end of the mourning processes of the past few.

Signed when sold, 2023
40x30 cm, mixed technique on canvas