Looking for words - oil and 23,75 carat gold on canvas

750.00 / Coming Soon

It takes time to understand. I like the playfulness of this picture. To me it was a gap to my thoughts. One line without intention, just the curiosity, lets see. Umm, nice. Next line, and then watching it again.
Many times I use gold as a seal, or something what can bring harmony to a disturbing painting. When I am okay, I seal the whole picture, with a well organised line. To close the chamber of fears and chaos. I am not okay, I am working with the topics. But I still want to to be well again. I could not put on a full seal. I could not put on a stabile seal. But it is there. In it's actual form.

I hate that I can not make proper photos, thank you for accepting this limitation.

On facebook someone has seen a Hebrew Shin letter in the picture. I understand this association. And I like it. Shin is the letter of God. I am having some art history lessons. We were studying the religious paintings. Some weeks ago I have painted an unintended Madonna, I can understand if the ancient questions form themselves in my new works.

30x40 cm
oil, 23,75 carat gold

signed when sold.