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Legendary men who hate being photographed - acrylic on canvas, 30x40 cm
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I was just hanging around trying to find my self, when we started to drink with these men, who make the world a better place.
I don't want to tell more about them, but the most surprising fact from the organisers of the festival, that they don't know how amazing they are.
I love how they can solve the conflicts, how they discuss the problems, how they find the solutions, how they love their team. This love, this joy, this shines through everything they do in life and this love and joy and compassion and respect is the magic that makes everything undescribeable what they do. Like the Daad Gathering.
And they become embarrassed little boys when pictures are taken of them.
I am very grateful to have the chance to have that night out with the legendary men of Pécs at Daad Gathering, and it was a nice journey to try to paint a picture of them from the only photo they let me publish of that night.
It is the first canvas painting I ever made and shows people.
It was so liberating experience, that since then I dare to paint people, and I suppose I will continue this series.

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