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Inner Garden - acrylic and 23 carat gold on canvas, 40x50 cm
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One of my favorites. I think I'm very proud of it. Black tulips are like a weak spot. In the dark, there's a huge bouquet. And you can only see it if you want to see it.

Painted with the second blackest black paint in the world, darker then the well known NASA black, designed by Stuart Semple and made with original Manetti 23 3/4 carat gold.

Handle with care. In the picture with the white background you can see the current state. When you order it, I will cover it with a new layer of the black paint, it takes 24 hours to dry and then can be posted. Cotton gloves are included. Receiving the package only open it when you are going to set the painting to it's final place, do not touch with bare hands, as the fats will leave their marks on the canvas.

Signed, when sold.

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