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I promise, there will be blue in the sky again!

25.00 - 100.00
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Hard times, hard times everywhere. This year fucked up so many things. But there will be an end, it will not last for ever, and we will make it through.
The sky is so grey for so long now, and I even feel my body lighter when I see a little blue. Even if I really adore the misty and thick autumn/winter clouds, and could paintbthem till the end.
I love that this picture has tension. The tension bulit by the blue. It is like my former mental state, where I was always preparing for the worst to come, and had such a sticky dark answer ready for any good news. Like this should not be blue. It is like annoying for my old self. But now I recall the sunny memories easily in my selfpity throwbacks, and can end them sooner and sooner.
And the golden line. What is like my Ariadne thread, my consciousness. Guiding through all the hills and shits, the stubbornness, the strength to change. (It is a metaphore but tbt gold leafing is soooo difficult for me, I am always swearing in my rusty Hungarian language while all the house gets filled with tiny golden particles.)
Original painting, signed when sold.
(10,4x14,7 cm, really pretty high quality paper)