I miss skiing - LINOPRINT no 1.

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I hate skiing, but I love the winter in the mountains, I do want to love skiing, I make tons of pictures every time, and finally I could sit and carve at least one of them.

Mostly I have my inner work on the picures for 2-4 years. It was interesting to just doodle and then scrolling back on insta and to find the exact photo I made of a painting so many years ago.
I guess here this was the reference, but, I think I have a dozen of this sight from every single skiing. https://www.instagram.com/p/BuRmXXdAXSF/

At this state of the lino I made 2 prints, I will sign, 2 what I will send unsigned as a thank's card, and I will continue to work on this lino. So these prints are limited.

10,4 x 14,7 cm, printed on 100% cotton aquarelle paper, signed, with title, number and year.