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Hills, waves, horizont
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I can't paint. But I love. And many pictures happen to be calming, thrilling or at least funny.
This tiny painting is the part of the prussian blue series, and I have an image in my mind, what I want to see on the paper, but I do not have yet the knowledge, so I have to make a lot of experiences to find that method what is needed for the imagined painting. And yet almost all the residues are quite exciting. Somehow it happens to work and it has an effect on the viewer, and it is good to let your eyes rest on all the prussian blue things.
And the best thing, that even if I have set a goal, the process is fulfilling.
I guess at this point it is not a surprise, that art is a coping mechanism for me, and pretty liberating, so it also makes clear why I organise so many drawing sessions for anyone for free.... I miss you guys. I hope we can see each other soon and can draw together again!

10,4 cm x 14,7 cm
Cotton paper, 230 g

Acrylic on paper

Original and unique piece of art, signed when sold.

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