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Guidelines can help a lot - Prussian blue III.
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Fun fact: I went to a beauty shop and bought up stuff for bothering with hair, just to test their marks on paper. And yeah, they are working! :D So this painting was made with beauty accessories :D

The dog trainer told us that our homework is to learn to take ourselves serious. Challenging. So the whole weekend I was thinking about becoming serious.
This colour is a serious thing, the gold is also serious, the strict lines are also serious. This picture could not be more serious.
But the comb. I had to hold back my breath to have perfect and strict lines and my family in the background was trolling and having fun with the pup, so I had to not only hold my breath but the shaking laugh too. And I did it :D

When I can have a drawing meetup, many people ask what to draw? And my first answer is always just try to draw lines. Fill a sheet with lines. And this mostly helps. The line starts it journey and this expedition helps people to turn off their everyday thoughts and to rest in this moment of pulling the lines. Drawing is not only about w a n t i n g to resemble something. It can be absolutely a selfless joyful feast for a tired mind.

A kind of first step to a smooth and healthy relation with your self.

10,4 cm x 14,7 cm
Cotton paper, 230 g

Acrylic on paper

Original and unique piece of art, signed when sold.

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