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Gloomy landscape
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Framed, framed size 18x22,5 cm, aquarelle with goldleafing, original artwork, signed.
The strength comes out in long term. This painting has a calming effect.

Every single line was like a painkiller, and while I was painting I was recalling all the memories of the loved and wasted time at all the lakes where I always wanted to see the sunsets.
When I feel like it is too much, I start to use only one colour, int his phase of my life, I have to admit, that the monochrome pictures are the best methods for settling my mind.
Mostly when the base is ready, and I feel okay, I start to miss something from the painting.
When I could overcome an actual block, I start to look for colours or the goldleafing set somewhere in the flat.
And for a long while I thought a painting is ready when I finish it. But I was not right. It is finished, when it get's framed. This was an almost shocking experience, when I got it framed. I was like a kid, bombing all my friends with the unasked photos of this painting, Do you see? Isn't it amazing? :D
(I am really grateful, my friends still love me, I am really lucky to have such strong and loving people around me:)

So this a framed picture, please choose the framed option when it will be asked :)

And the best part. I live with this painting, and it is hiding almost silently. But. But there are moments, when I move and the golden dots just suddenly glance and catch my mind and make me feel okay.

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