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100.00 - 700.00
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30 cm x 30 cm acrylic on canvas, gold leafed with real gold

Focus is a tricky thing, and the mind loves to play all these dirty games. It took me ages to learn to cope with my originally negative mindset, and a lot effort was put to arrive here and now, when I am free from many different anxieties.

With my old mindset I could only see the sorrow and the sadness, and after years of practicing, I now see the the joy and the beauty. Too. And I can focus on the latter.
And the pressure is getting more and more bearable. Even there are times when I am sure that I am enough and i will be able to handle the whatevers life brings.
Maybe the most surprising fact that I was calming myself with this mantra in 2020 which was, well, a damned shitstorm in my life. I was talking to myself, girl, if you will get over this sane, you can deal with everything. And I am still sane, and over the fore-mentioned storm.

I wish patience, strength and luck to all of you if my story resonates in an uncomfortable way.

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