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Edges - color study
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I love these series of pink and turquoise surfaces. Honestly, these two are mindblowing together. I can not take off my eyes if any of them when they are somewhere around.

While I was playing with these colors, I was thinking if these pictures are psychedelic.
Psychedelic means originally "mind manifesting". Experiencing these paintings is a sharp thing. A clear meeting point with the bare mind, no desires, no thoughts, just the joy, just the childish pure joy of having the world around you.

So I wish just happy moments if you choose to live with this painting :)

And some good news for the greatest masters of living: this pink is an UV active paint... :D

And the music I was using while painting:

10,4 cm x 14,7 cm
Acrylic on cotton paper

Original and unique piece of art, signed when sold.

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