DARK TIMES Finding the way back to a sane life- cc 40x50 cm, acrylic on canvas


When I was mourning my dad and one of my closest friends during the first year of the pandemic, brushstrokes with breathing exercises helped me to gain strength to face the colliding world.
As I could act again and could feel again, I could start my experiments in painting.
After I have recognised that I am shocked again, turning back to deep breath out while putting up a line to the canvas started to help again.

As an artist I have to face many feelings in a more accurate way, as I transform them to help the people to deal with the world around us. I have many years routines in seeing things as they are, and I have been through rough times, to dare to give a helping hand both with my art and through acts.

I always try to leave what I touch in a better state then it was before my arrival.

And I think sometimes that if I can not handle the fear and sorrow, how are those, who did not learn it to?

So almost nothing else is left then to act like nothing has happened and to go back to the life we wanted to live and to use all the occasions where one can help anyone to help and that is the only thing what can fill the void we have to experience nowadays.

To be there for someone, to feel to be useful and to know that we could at least make a tiny-tiny change in this world. With kindness.