Marks we leave. - study - 2022, acrylic on acrylic paper, cc 50x60 cm


I think a lot about the image, the idea of my self seen through the eyes of the people around me. I know that this image is their own projection and I do not think that this image of a person named Angelika is really me. But I am always curious. Mostly I know better the people when they talk about their feelings towards me. If they like me for things, then I represent them the things they don’t see inside but would love to. When they don’t like me, that is about the parts of their personality they can not integrate, a tension they yet can not dissolve. And when we dissolve it together, they will be able to handle it next time again. And these interactions are the marks I leave. And there is nothing about my personality. It is just a bunch of impressions in others. Anyway, of course I prefer the comfy and loved impressions 😀 when i work with marks and traces I do this step outward, to see these from a distance and not to be too involved. And this helps me a lot.