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A classic, with new colours. When I get a new brush or a new colour, I test them with writing a word, and mostly it is the seen one. It has the hardest letters to write.
Almost 10 years ago I was lucky to get some drawing lessons from one of the best Hungarian street artist, aka nemteg, a founding member of the mkkp, the local joke party.
The most hated and then loved homework was to write down one word 100 times, and all has to be different. I did it and wow! So new faces of the letters had been shown, so I do recommend to anyone this trip. Take a pencil or a pen and go!

10,4 cm x 14,7 cm
Acrylic on cotton paper

Original and unique piece of art, signed when sold.

Pricing: It is not my task to judge your situation, choose the price that fits your budget! :) So there is only one piece, on different prices :)