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Budapest Blues - 100x70 cm, oil on canvas


The shades of blues and greens are my favourite parts of the city.

Budapest, 2024. June

100x70 cm, oil on canvas, signed when sold.

Laszlo Szily (journalist) about the Budapest Blues:

"This blue is my other favourite daydreamy picture. As I looked at it, I was initially simply amused at what Budapest would be like if, by the vagaries of climate change, it became not a desert oasis but an archipelago in the Pannonian basin that is once again flooding the Carpathian Basin. In this universe, I wondered what would happen if the dream of the caveman would magically come true, only the funny fairy would not take us back to the age of the tarsoly plate and their horses, but to the Miocene, seven million years earlier, to Budapest, populated by much more ancient domestic animals, where the megalodon is walked on the main boulevard by the aunts living in the underwater caves of Terézváros instead of the pug.

But unfortunately, as I am not only an infantile adult but also a journalist working for an independent newspaper, the same image works as an alternative science fiction in which Budapest is suddenly moved to the border of Scandinavia, to the welfare strait separating Copenhagen and Malmö, so Pest is moved to Denmark and Buda to Sweden, with all the mundane consequences.

I also loved this series because it appeals to the imagination and the emotions at the same time, and it does the latter through colour. As the son of a painter who uses crazy intense colours and the father of a born colourist daughter, I am simply happy that the colours here are not a cover-up or an illustration, but the essence."

Exhibited at Viadukt Terrace, 2024. June