Budapest (big! - 60x42,6 cm)

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In Budapest we have big statue, a Freedom statue. She is a lady, and I have a habbit of looking for her when I am not at home, and I always try to find my home from the city and she is one of the reference points.

It is a quite beautiful allegory, to have this lady with a palm leaf above all of us.
But. But to be true nowadays when I look at her, I feel grief and lack. Not because of the corona virus, although the restrictions due to the pandemic do not help.
In Hungary there is a habbit of complaining and focus on the sad parts and the mistakes during conversations, and the Hungarian soul is bitter, to describe it with one word. It is a cultural thing, but it is changing. Many younger and even older Hungarians have already faced, that it is not good for us to live in this endless sorrow. And I think this needs more braveness in this cultural interieur.
I wanted to summarize my feelings to my city: both the enthusiasm and the distance.

I have to confess, that this photo is quite far from reality. The original picture is full with the shades of the turquise color and the blue, and the hill has a golden colour with a forest like texture.

WARNING! This is a really BOLD picture, and it takes time to get off your eyes from the painting. It happened to have a remarkable tension, my first critics, my daughter and my husband had many thoughts and questions when they first met this pic, they had the urge to make a statement about it, and this is not usual at us.
Whenever I see this painting, I feel meshmerised.

Aquarelle on 300 gsm 100 % cotton paper, 60x42,6 cm.
Original, signed when posted or framed.