BRAID: Marks and signs - 40x40cm acrylic on canvas

500.00 - 1,000.00 / Sold Out

One of the most calming thing is escort the paint on the paper or the canvas with a painting knife one from left and one from right, one from left and one from right.
And more and more layers can be played through. Here we have 2 and a half layers, as the base layer was white, and was not used again so let's call it just a half layer :)
If you push it too hard, there will be less colour. If you make it slowly, the line will be vivid.
And breath slowly. One line one breath. On each layer.
And how to enjoy, when you are not painting? Start to follow the lines with one breath per line.Do not forget, that each goes till the edge, just the next line swipes away the half.
This is why I love the braids.