Blue II.

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10,4x14,7 cm, gold and blue flowers on 100% cotton aquarelle paper.

When I started to sketch up my friends' mindful hick-ups while hanging out in bars, I had no time to take care of the details. Thanks to this damned pandemic situation, I had to spend my nights at home, in an isolation, and had to tkae my time with my own self. I had to list my needs, and to create a healthy relation with my personality. Drawing is my hobby, or at least it is easy to say. To be true, it is a must, a need, a thing like breathing. This year I started to paint and study to paint. At home. As a autodidact fanatic. I am watching many videos every day, and practicing a lot and I think I am and I was during this whole journey looking for myself. Finding myself in colors, in lines, in brushes, in textures, in papers, and in compositions. I am not a person of compositions, I dread these floral things you find everywhere. They promise you an order in the universe, but I can only promise chaos and that a human being can find the narrow path in this for ever changing world, a narrow path that can help to deal with every single now.