Back to back - oil on unstretched canvas, cc 40x70 cm


You are not bad in painting characters... Told me the painter who popped in the studio one night. And all of a sudden we found ourselves working. He was drawing my portrait, I was painting his one.
Many breakthrough points happened. I was not insecure having a professional painter visitor. I was confident when we were talking about some aspects of my artworks. I was not afraid to start to sketch and paint. I was so delighted that I played with my fav techniques first ever with oil. I could release my strict views of the painting process at many pictures, like this one. I wanted to create it only with swiping back the paint, but when it was not enough, I just put on some more paint instead of stressing and freezing. And I stopped in time. We had wonderful arguements with the model about painting methods and processes, and he was definitely trying to supportively encourage me, suggesting to put on many more layers. And no. I know it is ready, and this painting does not need more layers.
So good to get older and older day by day :)
So good to dare to listen to my heart. I am so glad.