Together we evolve (acrylic on paper, 2020)

50.00 - 300.00

I can not even imagine what would have happened to me without my friends. When I was younger I was the silent one in the corner, and then there was a game changer night, where I was talking for 8 hours without breaks. After that I started to communicate, to share my thoughts and feelings. And slowly learned how to be a friend. And the next great thing was to go to OZORA Festival, what also changed everything. After the first came the second and for now we organise all our events before or after the festival with our ever-growing tribe. I dare to say we all gave up many limits and we got all close to each other. We are there for all of us, and when we all can meet, it always becomes a celebration, a festival of life, when we share the joy of coming trough all the past challenges...
I wish such micro-communities to all! :)